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[RULES] Infinity Expeditionary Unit Empty [RULES] Infinity Expeditionary Unit

Post by Insevin on 9th November 2012, 4:38 am

Conduct Rules:
Do not double clan. That means no being in other Halo first person shooter clans.

No posting hate or racism, even in a small way like "OMG your K/D is 0.60 you suck!"

No spam, including advertisements or outside commercial links unless related to Halo 4 or Xbox, even so it may be taken down.

Also no porn, no booty or melons, no swimsuit models, nothing sexual! We know you like chicks but keep it rated G!

We also forbid anything else in the area of common sense. You are not allowed to act like a grunt splattered on a warthog!

Obey your superiors and leaders. That means the battalion colonels, company commanders, platoon leaders, and squad staff. They're in charge! This includes giving them control of Xbox Live game parties and Xbox Live chat parties when they are present.

Despite our appearances, big or small, we try our best to have a professional image, rather than an underground one. Cursing is ok but don't get crazy and again no racial slurs or other hate.

Looking squeaky clean also means ZERO use of cheats/glitches/bugs/etc in public games. Cheating is grounds for instant discharge. Do not do it.

These rules will be clarified and amended as needed. Please make your suggestions in a suggestion topic in the General Discussions section.

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