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Post by magnavia on 29th November 2012, 8:12 pm

Gamertag: magnavia
Age: 27
Gender: M
Country: Canada
State/Province: Ontario
City/County: Toronto
Timezone: EST -5:00


Do you have a working microphone: Yes

Recruited/Referred by? Please provide the specific name of the person who recruited you. You can also enter things like: Google, Forum, Xbox Live, etc:
Xbox live forum

Give us three or more (3) SENTENCES about why we should accept you:
I want to play, and pwn. If you want to play and pwn, then we should play and pwn. Teamwork is fun.

Current Clans (any game) you are in:
None at present.

Past Clans (any game) you've been in:
It's been awhile; nothing too serious.

Positions in current or past clans (member, leader, etc):

Are you here for competitive play or just to have fun?

When are you usually on? Days and times:
It changes; generally evenings.

Additional/Other Information/Games/Platform you Play:

Interested in strategy/tactical games, and being in a good group that can work well together and pwn.


Conduct Rules
Have decent, mature behavior. This includes not chatting excessively during games. This also means speaking and typing intelligently - you don't have to be perfect but do not type l13k d15 t0 t4lk 0n t3h f0rumz #swag #yolo. Don't insult anyone else in the clan or not, unless its a friend who knows its just jokes. Limit cursing to a minimum. No hate or racial slurs.

No spam/referral/commercial links unless related to Halo 4 or Xbox Live and not for personal gain! We do welcome deals/discounts but get it approved by Insevin or another leader of the clan first.

No porn or sexual oriented images including as avatar or signature. Rated G, so not even a swimsuit model guys! Let's keep it extra clean.

Zero cheating, glitching, or modding. If there is a funny interesting glitch on a map or something the clan may play with it in a custom game with approval of leadership but DO NOT use any bugs or glitches whatsoever during public games.

***To Agree, type your gamertag here: magnavia ***

Chain of Command
I will obey my superiors and leaders. That means the battalion colonels, company commanders, platoon leaders, and squad staff. They're in charge! This includes giving them control of Xbox Live game parties and Xbox Live chat parties when they are present.
***To Agree, type your gamertag here: magnavia ***

Future Merge
Understand that we will soon be going into a clan merger. INFE will be shut down and our members will become a member of another clan. Everything about this will improve the member experience. The only downside is the need to re-register on another website and the possible loss of leadership roles. To continue your application today with INFE, you will need to consent to this. The merger clan:
***To Agree, type your gamertag here: magnavia ***

Leave of Absence
I understand that I can take a break from the clan at any time. I also understand I can leave at any time, through official channels. Just notify INFE in the Leave of Absence subforum or PM to the leader. Failure to do so can result in dishonorable discharge. Act respectfully whether you or someone else is the one leaving or taking LOA.
***To Agree, type your gamertag here: magnavia ***
{End Application}

Axios Squad
Axios Squad

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magnavia - Application Empty Re: magnavia - Application

Post by Insevin on 1st December 2012, 12:27 am

Accepted Thanks. Smile

You will be placed in Axios Squad. The squad is very new and still needs a leader and assistant, volunteer if you want! Questions/comments? Please PM me, Insevin!

For now, you will be practicing at the same time and with Onyx Squad. Info about times here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

About Ranks & Positions: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Your Squad: Axios Squad Discussion: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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